About us

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About Us

Based in Gainesville, Florida, Adaptex, Inc. specializes in designing, modifying and building attractive wheelchair accessible homes for clients with mobility assistance needs throughout North Central Florida.

Our combined 36 years experience in building unique wheelchair accessible homes and providing mobility equipment to the physically challenged, offers a very unique skill set. Adaptex staff take in to consideration your current situation and/or diagnosis, and your possible prognosis, to ensure that your accessibility modifications or new accessible home construction incorporate all aspects of your individual situation. This in depth review of your current and future accessibility needs ensures an easier transition through different stages of mobility, with the goal to minimize future costly re-modifications or additions.

When it comes to modifying or building your accessible home, it is important that the company you choose has a thorough understanding of your accessibility needs. For example, your diagnosis may require you to be in a powered wheelchair, so you will need a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Our staff would be honored to have the opportunity to visit with you about the prospect of carrying out accessibility modifications to your current home, or building an accessible home for you. We would be happy to provide references of those who we have already served in this regard.