• Child in wheelchair using ramp
  • Ramp in garden with flowers
  • Large ramp on beach
  • Stair lift

Wheelchair Ramps and Elevators

Often times, our clients' home accessibility needs start with simply accessing their home. This can usually be achieved with a wheelchair ramp or elevator.

Home wheelchair ramps can be built from wood, concrete or aluminum, each with its inherent attributes. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) specified certain requirements in regards to the building of wheelchair ramps to ensure they are accessible and safe for wheelchair users.

In order to determine the appropriate wheelchair ramp length, it is necessary to measure the height of the step(s) in inches. For every inch of rise, there must be a foot of ramp. For example, two 4 inch steps require an 8 foot wheelchair ramp.

Elevators, which can be installed for inside or outside applications, can be used in situations where a ramp is not preferred. Typically, elevators are used in areas where there is not enough room for a wheelchair ramp.